Sabado, Hulyo 12, 2014

It's been a long time!

Hey guys! Sorry it took me a long time to post something. It's been over a year since I last blogged. This time I will try to be here as often as possible. I have a ton of fun stuff to tell you!

Let's start off by telling you guys that I am no longer in the Philippines. Yeah, that's right. Last year (Oct 2014), I flew to Dubai. Like a typical Filipino, I came here for work. As you all know, I am a Registered Nurse in the PI. I tried seeking jobs in hospitals and any health related fields. I had a lot of job offers and was already prepared to accept one as a customer service in a prestigious hospital. As per their hiring process, I had to extend my visa for a month in order to have enough time in preparing my requirements. I just don't know why, suddenly one day I decided to try and look for a job as a make up artist. Luckily, I got an interview and I passed.

To cut the story short, I am now working here in Dubai as a Make Up Artist. I am hired by an individual. Isn't it so perfect? All my life I've always been into beauty, glam and cosmetics. This is probably the start of a new career path for me and I am so enjoying it!

Watch out for my next posts all about my new discoveries in beauty!